Gathering at Our Headwaters July 6-9, 2017 University of Oklahoma

Call for Proposals

Bringing together as many original participants as possible with subsequent generations of Indigenous writers, academics, tribal dignitaries, community members, and youth, Returning the Gift 25th Anniversary is a bridge that joins these diverse groups. Events scheduled throughout the four day conference are focused under the theme “Gathering at Our Headwaters” and include live painting, art installations, reading events, storytelling, pedagogy discussions focused on Indigenous and tribal communities, film and screenwriting workshops, comedy sketches, environmental projects focused on water and land conservation, Native witness video documentaries, writing workshops, publishing industry workshops, and literary activism discussions.The Native Writers Circle of the Americas awards banquet promises a glamorous event to celebrate all of the work that has been done in Indigenous letters over the last twenty-five years.

A select group of original attendees and high profile younger artists will be headlining this anniversary event including

  • Sherman Alexie
  • Diane Glancy
  • Simon Ortiz
  • LeAnne Howe
  • Carter Revard
  • Craig Santos Perez
  • Heid E. Erdrich
  • Bojan Louis
  • Stephen Paul Judd
  • William Yellowrobe
  • Arigon Starr
  • Allison Hedge Coke
  • Odilia Rodriguez
  • Joseph Bruchac